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Diabetes is not mom’s fault!

Diabetes is a problem that deprives us of carelessness, puts more burdens on our backs than we think we can bear.  This is especially evident in children with diabetes and their parents.

Petra Martinovic
9 min read
Diabetes and celiac disease – “Story of my life”

Ana's story about her fight with diabetes and celiac disease in early childhood, teenage years and today and how she coped with it as a kid.

Ana Spoljaric
20 min read
My child deserves good sugars (low carb)

The first of a series of texts about how low-carb nutrition changed the life of Mirta and her (then) two year old child who was diagnosed with diabetes.

Mirta Kujundzic
16 min read
Diet of a child with diabetes

I often have a feeling that somehow everything in life comes together, with reason, as if that is the way it should be. And so I am thinking about how I was lucky that I got diabetes at first, and after that how I was badly regulated by default for many years. All of those […]

Tanja Dragun
30 min read

It has been proven countless times that knowledge and skills of educators are being expanded through education, that their opinions about chronically ill children are being affected in order for unnecessary restrictions, which often come out of ignorance and fear, to be avoided. Communication with the parents of the ill child is being made easier. […]

23 min read
#You are