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The first insulin pump without a catheter in Croatia!

Complete Medtrum A7 + system (sensor + pump) sample review; from the design and features to ecology and pricing.

Davor Skeledzija
20 min read
The latest and best Medtronic pump 780G is on its way to Europe!

Everything about the latest Medtronic 780G pump and its features, CE Certificate and is it coming to Croatia? Video included.

Davor Skeledzija
12 min read
Croatian app saves the holiday!

 My dear diabetics, Something which almost always happens in a certain way, something we always take care of and fear of happened to me. During the packing for my trip to the sea, I have neatly calculated how many sets for the pump I need, how much insulin, sensors, I brought all the applicators and […]

Davor Skeledzija
7 min read
My 1300 days on CGMs / FGMs

Maja's comparison of two sensors - Dexcom and Libre. She talks about her 1300 days and pros, cons, measuring precision and which one to choose.

Maja Vukovic
25 min read
Misconceptions That Accompany The Low Carb Diet

LCHF - yes or no?  What are the advantages and what are the disadvantages?  Does it bring long-term good or bad?  Can such a diet be applied by all or only by some? 

Maja Vukovic
40 min read
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