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We present to you: DiaHelp App

We did a lot of work in the past two years and today, we can proudly say that we managed to finish an app that will be helpful for diabetic community . We only just started, but we made an effort to achieve our vision: to make a simple and free app for smartphones. Download […]

Andrijana Buklijas Skeledzija
13 min read
Basics of carbohydrate calculation

The most important factor which affects blood sugar is food. How much food we eat and what we eat. Food affects the amount of insulin which the body lures or the amount of insulin that DM1 have to take with injections. If the insulin and food are not balanced, we will have elevated or reduced […]

Andrijana Buklijas Skeledzija
11 min read
How Successful Are Type 1 Diabetics In Regulating Diabetes?

Is HbA1c the same in theory and in real life? What are the statistics, studies and articles telling us and is that alright with our day to day life? Is discipline the key of maintaining a good HbA1c?

Tanja Dragun
27 min read
Misconceptions That Accompany The Low Carb Diet

LCHF - yes or no?  What are the advantages and what are the disadvantages?  Does it bring long-term good or bad?  Can such a diet be applied by all or only by some? 

Maja Vukovic
40 min read
Review of the book “Diabetes writes stories”

Recently, a new book on diabetes found its way to me.  I had already read too much about the subject so I removed it from myself.  As my husband finds it hard to accept "no" as an answer, so I eventually read the book and am glad I did.

Andrijana Buklijas Skeledzija
14 min read
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