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POCTech – Another CGM and why is it important to us?

Just today, Ascensia (formerly Bayer Blood Strips) announced a strategic partnership with Chinese company POCTech that manufactures the rtCGMS system!

Davor Skeledzija
13 min read
OmniPod is coming to Croatia!

An article about OmniPod and its features, what did you want and who and in what way contributed to the fact that OmniPod is coming to Croatia.

Davor Skeledzija
14 min read
Girl Looking out of Window
Discrimination against children in schools

Diabetes day is approaching.  In a few weeks, articles, interviews, instructions, tips, all on the topic of diabetes will start in the media.  And a lot of beautiful things will be written, a little ugly, and quite a bit completely wrong...

Mirta Kujundzic
25 min read
A Conversation With The mother Of A Family Of Six With Three Diabetic Children

Meet Monica, wife, mother and queen; a heroine who, with the help of her husband and the help of her extended family, leads an epic battle for the normal sugars of her three children.

Andrijana Buklijas Skeledzija
51 min read
Parental burnout with diabetic child

Every parent of a child with diabetes knows well what constant care means - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, day and night for their child's blood sugar level. We constantly take care of our children and do our best for their best blood sugar levels...

Ksenija Kolman Goreta
14 min read
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