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A mother of a girl with diabetes wrote a picture book!
September 19, 2021 / Uncategorized / Child

A mother of a girl with diabetes wrote a picture book!

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To explain something good about diabetes to an adult is a form of art, and it is much more difficult to explain it to a child. 

Are children with diabetes interested in long-term health complications with which they could have problems if they aren’t careful enough? Not at all.

Different types of rules are applicable in a child’s brain, rules which Hana, mother of a girl with diabetes called Lillith, is quite aware of.

Hana graduated from the School of Applied Arts and Design, and after that she graduated in Design at the University of Graphic. What is more important is that there is no institution to which she didn’t write at the times when rights of people with diabetes had been endangered. Everybody knows her.

Is there a more qualified person with diabetes on the planet who is capable of making something so delicate as a picture book for children with diabetes?

Other than the strong personal experience, Hana also cooperates with various associations and experts, and sensitizes the environment for our special children through illustrations and education.

The picture book is intended for children up to 12 years of age, and it is a tool of priceless value for anyone who encounters our adorable children.

If you are interested in this masterpiece of „diabetic literature“ for children, fill in the form at the bottom and your order will be automatically sent to the author’s inbox (companies can get R1 account):

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