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Andrijana Buklijas Skeledzija

Andrijana Buklijas Skeledzija

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Eternal Volunteer, a peaceful fighter and a worried visionary. She keeps her right of her own opinion. Believes that an authority is not imposed but earned. She also believes that the ultimate responsibility lies within person, not in any profession, government or somebody/something else.

Review of the book “Diabetes writes stories”

Recently, a new book on diabetes found its way to me.  I had already read too much about the subject so I removed it from myself.  As my husband finds it hard to accept "no" as an answer, so I eventually read the book and am glad I did.

Andrijana Buklijas Skeledzija
14 min read
A Conversation With The mother Of A Family Of Six With Three Diabetic Children

Meet Monica, wife, mother and queen; a heroine who, with the help of her husband and the help of her extended family, leads an epic battle for the normal sugars of her three children.

Andrijana Buklijas Skeledzija
51 min read
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