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There is a special charm in enjoying the fruits of your labor from your own garden and orchard

It was difficult to walk away from a barbecue, a cake, a glass of wine or beer at a birthday party but the sensor registered and remembered each exception. How could I forget! It was a reprimand I told myself in two cases during the month of May because, in a rush to get to […]

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Meet a successful pastry chef with diabetes

A young 21-year old diabetic Darko Sušenka is a pastry chef. He was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 9. He remembers that it was not at all easy at the beginning. Many were amazed when they heard what type of a rewarding career he chose and tried to talk him out of it. […]

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I don’t need insulin anymore after 20 years

I have been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 30. Having that type of diabetes, I have been treated with insulin: 4 daily shots (3 times fast, one time durable insulin). 20 strange years later – 3 years ago – I got a letter from a doctor from a Diabetes Center Steno […]

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How SAP saved my child’s life

An article about a mother who was too tired to realise that her child is going in hypoglycemia and how did SAP helped and saved her life.

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