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Ivica Suran

Ivica Suran

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Ivica Šuran was born in 1973. In Pazin. He works as an electronics engineer. Ivica is interested and working on IoT device development, helds robotics and Stem workshops as a volunteer and in spare time he explores and comes up with solutions for better and easier BG measuring for his wife and daughter. On Wednesdays he hosts the show “Under the stars” on Radio Istra with Korad Korlević. He likes mountains and running.

The first home-made artificial pancreas – in Croatia!

 How do I write what an OpenAPS system is without being “too technical”?  Hard, but I'll try.  To begin with, I will quote the OpenAPS documentation: "Any person choosing to use these tools is solely responsible for testing and implementing these tools independently or together as a system."

Ivica Suran
24 min read
Ema and the artificial pancreas (part II)

This is a story about how an insulin pump, a sensor that constantly measures blood sugar values, an Intel Edison minicomputer with a Linux operating system and free programs written by patients themselves.

Ivica Suran
17 min read
FIASP in my child

 I believe that today’s technology with some technical prior knowledge, can provide much more than it provides.  With a lot of effort and study, life with diabetes can be made easier, as evidenced by my previous article on the artificial pancreas.

Ivica Suran
9 min read
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