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Mirta Kujundzic

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IT Business Analyst and Project Manager. A passionate lover, creator and consumer of Low Carb Nutrition and a specialist for LC sweets. Editor on LC Nutrition portal http://typeoneprincess.com made for diabetics.

A child with diabetes is different

My child has diabetes and that makes her different from others.  Her pancreas does not produce insulin, so we have to ingest it through a pen or pump.  We need to control and maintain a stable blood sugar level instead of her brain.

Mirta Kujundzic
20 min read
What it’s like to be the mom of a kindergarten-age child with diabetes

 Here’s how, through the eyes of always-concerned moms of a child with diabetes, every day, ordinary situations in our family look, and I believe it’s similar with others.

Mirta Kujundzic
33 min read
Girl Looking out of Window
Discrimination against children in schools

Diabetes day is approaching.  In a few weeks, articles, interviews, instructions, tips, all on the topic of diabetes will start in the media.  And a lot of beautiful things will be written, a little ugly, and quite a bit completely wrong...

Mirta Kujundzic
25 min read
My child’s Prediabetes and Diabetes

On one occasion, a lab technician asked me why I was doing that test, and if I suspected if my little girl has diabetes.  I laughed and told her that my little girl has diabetes for several years...

Mirta Kujundzic
17 min read
My child deserves good sugars (low carb)

The first of a series of texts about how low-carb nutrition changed the life of Mirta and her (then) two year old child who was diagnosed with diabetes.

Mirta Kujundzic
16 min read
Food Plays A Key Role In Proper Nutrition

 I always thought a lot about diet and watched what I ate. In the last 2 years, I have been intensively researching how to feed the whole family. I had to change something to heal myself and to regulate my child’s glycemia more easily.

Mirta Kujundzic
21 min read
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