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Meet a successful pastry chef with diabetes

A young 21-year old diabetic Darko Sušenka is a pastry chef. He was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 9. He remembers that it was not at all easy at the beginning. Many were amazed when they heard what type of a rewarding career he chose and tried to talk him out of it. […]

Guest Author
4 min read
I can do it!

Words of encouragement for pregnant woman with diabetes and young mom's with diabetes. The point is to not be afraid of anything!

Ines Avgustinovic
4 min read
Hungry, thirsty, hungry, thirsty

Memories of a Mom - part2. We were with all three kids on vacation at the cottage.  A few days earlier, Marko celebrated his 7th birthday with a lot of children, with games prepared for him by his older sisters aged 17 and 20...

Ivana Kukec
11 min read
Diabetes is for the elderly, isn’t it?

Memories of a mum, part 3.  On the last day of the vacation we went to the grandmother in the village.  We arrived in the evening and were supposed to sleep there.

Ivana Kukec
9 min read
New life

 I hung up, slumped in my chair, and began to cry.  My husband looked at me with tears in his eyes in astonishment, realizing that something was very bad as soon as I cried and waited for me to tell him.  What should I tell him?  What about the child?

Ivana Kukec
10 min read
#You are