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Novorapid, Tresiba and Libre – My Path to Excellent Regulation!

After about 12 years of diabetes, numerous diseases and complications and a year and a half of using the FreeStyle Libre sensor, I am finally sure I have found the perfect glycemic control combination I want to share with you.

Mia Duvnjak
22 min read
Real Question, Real Answer – The Search For A Better Life 

In this article, I’ll shift the focus to my own knowledge and expose what ultimately led me to satisfactory disease regulation (HbA1c 4,9 -5,3%, without hypoglycemia).

Tanja Dragun
26 min read
How Successful Are Type 1 Diabetics In Regulating Diabetes?

Is HbA1c the same in theory and in real life? What are the statistics, studies and articles telling us and is that alright with our day to day life? Is discipline the key of maintaining a good HbA1c?

Tanja Dragun
27 min read
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