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A mother of a girl with diabetes wrote a picture book!

To explain something good about diabetes to an adult is a form of art, and it is much more difficult to explain it to a child.  Are children with diabetes interested in long-term health complications with which they could have problems if they aren’t careful enough? Not at all. Different types of rules are applicable […]

Davor Skeledzija
4 min read
What it’s like to be the mom of a kindergarten-age child with diabetes

 Here’s how, through the eyes of always-concerned moms of a child with diabetes, every day, ordinary situations in our family look, and I believe it’s similar with others.

Mirta Kujundzic
33 min read
Croatian app saves the holiday!

 My dear diabetics, Something which almost always happens in a certain way, something we always take care of and fear of happened to me. During the packing for my trip to the sea, I have neatly calculated how many sets for the pump I need, how much insulin, sensors, I brought all the applicators and […]

Davor Skeledzija
7 min read
Klara (6) and Magdalena (7) – our little heroines

 After the last couple of texts written by our heroines, women and girls with diabetes, today we give you a real treat - diabetes from the eyes of the little ones.

Maja Vukovic
12 min read
Girl Looking out of Window
Discrimination against children in schools

Diabetes day is approaching.  In a few weeks, articles, interviews, instructions, tips, all on the topic of diabetes will start in the media.  And a lot of beautiful things will be written, a little ugly, and quite a bit completely wrong...

Mirta Kujundzic
25 min read
#You are