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Could the DiaHelp app threaten the privacy and the security of users?
August 30, 2021 / Technology / Beginner

Could the DiaHelp app threaten the privacy and the security of users?

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Briefly – the answer is no, but let’s clarify.

Why the app which can locate users cannot be misused by „the bad“ users?

If you used DiaHelp, then you have already convinced yourselves that, no matter how much you try, there is no way you can find out where someone is. Everything you can find out is how many unfamiliar users use the app in a circle of 15 kilometres (it is a predefined value which can be altered).

In other words, there is no way that someone with bad intentions, with the help of the app, finds out your or your child’s whereabouts.

Then how does DiaHelp even work?

DiaHelp – as many other mobile apps, sometimes locates its users and stores that location in highly protected servers on a world wide known and certified platform called Amazon Web Services (AWS). You can find more about the platform on Wikipedia , for instance.


Although your or your child’s location is occasionally stored in an excellent protected system, that does not mean that it is available to someone who is not authorized. Moreover, security and privacy of DiaHelp app users are our primary concern.


Then how does someone find out where he should go and provide help?

When you, without plan, become short of a lace, a needle, a lance or a catheter; only when you click on the SOS button „medication or aid“, just the DiaHelpers in the circle you choose (for example 15 kilometres) will know that you need some type of help, for instance a needle, and they will then get a Google Maps link with your exact location. Only when someone decides to help you – a communication between you and the helper is set up and then, as you wish, you exchange your phone numbers, e-mails or you make an arrangement where to meet in an integrated chat.

On the other hand, if you choose the option „Emergency“, which means that you are not feeling well and/or you are falling into hypoglycemia, DiaHelpers in the range of 1 kilometre will get your exact location (via Google Maps link) and the information that you immediately need help. When choosing the option „Emergency“ the same information is automatically sent to your predefined personal contacts via SMS.

If I use the DiaHelp base, will the „evil pharmaceuticals“ find out what type of medication each diabetic uses?

A list of predefined medications serves mostly the diabetic, in order for him to ask for what is necessary, in moments of urgency, but it does not need to be used. Nowadays, pharmacists have an insight into which doctors prescribe which medications and the direct impact which they have on the doctors is incomparably more cost-effective. Personal information about the medications of certain patients are, in fact, not interesting, and even if they were – DiaHelp obliged in their Terms of use not to forward it to anyone. Besides that, people who are concerned for their privacy can always open an alternative email address and use it in the app.

Are there any possible abuses?

There is no product or a tool whose abuse is impossible. From hammer, to TV, a car, an aeroplane etc. The greatest danger which we see for DiaHelpers is if you decide to help someone from the bottom of your heart, for example, if you lend him your expensive glucose sensor for continuous measurement, and if he doesn’t get it back to you.

Such violations already happened on Facebook, therefore it is possible that someone may try something similar via the DiaHelp app. If you receive a call for help from an unfamiliar person because he, unplanned, was left without a sensor and if you wish to help him, nothing is stopping you to request your deposit back until the moment you get your sensor back.

Number of happy DiaHelp users continuous to grow constantly; and here is a few extraordinary stories from people with diabetes who are extremely satisfied with the app:

Ema lost her MIaoMiao while swimming on the island of Krk:



Mia was left without a sensor in Dubrovnik:

Hrvatska aplikacija spasila ljetovanje!


Marija saved someone with 5 needles:


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