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Croatian app saves the holiday!
August 30, 2021 / Uncategorized / Beginner

Croatian app saves the holiday!

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 My dear diabetics,

Something which almost always happens in a certain way, something we always take care of and fear of happened to me.

During the packing for my trip to the sea, I have neatly calculated how many sets for the pump I need, how much insulin, sensors, I brought all the applicators and chargers, a kinesiology tape… And everything else which is usually „a must“ in our home pharmacy.


Naturally, I took a double of everything, more than I needed, because it is a holiday by the sun and the sea and you never know how long the glue will hold.

 My extended sensor, Guardian 3, which is connected to a pump 780G, stopped being obedient last night. After charging the transmitter, I went to my bag with disposable material, and I didn’t find my Guardian 3 sensors! After a short period of panic, because that sensor is rarely used here, I called up my Diabuddies. Because I was not at home, my dear DiaBuddies (friends with diabetes) have referred me to the app DiaHelp.

Diahelp mobile App – Learn More

I was amazed by the app, the sign up is simple, very interactive and quick.

After entering the basic data, I saw the list of every possible diabetic aid and medicine, and I chose the ones I use. Then, the main page with a huge button SOS appeared, as well as the number of people who use the app, who are in my proximity, that is in the range I determined (100 kilometres).

After I picked SOS, there were two choices, one was if we feel ill because of high or low sugar levels, and the other option which I needed was what to do if we run out of consumables.

Hi, I have a big problem, I have just run out of my drugs/medical devices (Guardian Sensor (3)) and I need them to regulate my diabetes. If you can help me, please reach out.


I sent the SOS at 1AM, and at 4AM I got a response that there is a person willing to help me just 13 kilometres away from me!

There’s also a chat box inside the app, and the notifications come as standard messages on the mobile phone.

This way I would like to say thanks to the crew who made this app possible, and I would like to say special thanks to Matea and her mother Marina, who reacted so promptly and who enabled us to carry on our carefree holiday.

You can download DiaHelp here 🙂

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