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Diabetes is not mom’s fault!
November 26, 2020 / Family and diabetes / Type 1

Diabetes is not mom’s fault!

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 Diabetes is a problem that deprives us of carelessness, puts more burdens on our backs than we think we can bear.  This is especially evident in children with diabetes and their parents. 

Few parents did not remember the moment when the doctor told him that his child was suffering from diabetes.  On the one hand, it is good because they have finally discovered the reason why he is losing weight, he is constantly thirsty and hungry, pees and has no strength or will for anything.  On the other hand, it is bad because the child is sick forever.  It is lifelong, chronic, incurable, permanent… These epithets change in the head of every parent, and no one can imagine what life will look like from now on and why it happened to you and your child.  The word disease itself is strong enough to shake our world, especially when it happens to our loved ones.

 The story from the ASweetLife portal is the story of a mother who faced diabetes when her daughter was diagnosed with it.  The author explains coping with diabetes using one scene from the movie ‘’Good Will Hunting’’.  This moment of awareness of the disease by the parents is just as important as the awareness of the word diabetes by Ivan, Marko, Ana, Romana or any other child (in this case your child) and it is not the fault of the parents, it is not your fault.  A feverish search for a mistake in a possible bad vaccine a child received as a baby, bad genes on your part, or the other parent’s side, or in any other conspiracy theory circulating on the internet will bring fever into your life and the child will not recover.  In the end, it all comes down, as always, to accepting the inevitable situation. Your attitude and non-acceptance will occupy the child as well, and certainly, you have the power to shake or not shake everything that is healthy, primarily in the relationship between the partner and between the parent and the child.

 Acceptance is the first step towards healing an incurable disease, to put it simply.

And when a parent feels that he has solved everything by accepting diabetes, diabetes confronts him with new challenges on a daily basis.  It would be easiest to use a glass bell, which would prevent any contact of your child with the diabetes challenges coming from the outside world.

Countless “What if” questions will arise in every parent’s head before allowing a child a summer camp without parental presence for 10 days, before he starts cooking lunch and preparing meals without weighing each food and counting carbs, before approving a correction bolus that is, yet,he should have been lower and the child is eventually in hypoglycemia, before the child sits in front of the TV and his sugar is high and his parent has not sent him to go play basketball. In the end, the parent is overwhelmed with guilt every time.


 There will be times when a child will rebel against parents and diabetes, only parents or only diabetes, and again parents are expected to be strong and provide comfort and reasonable decision, to help the child swim back to the surface.

 Diabetes is not an easy disease and living with it is a renunciation, but it is a shame to miss rejoicing in a child’s victories and joy.  Diabetes is actually a testing ground for gaining vitality and flexibility, and parents know this best.


 Translated and adapted from the portal https://asweetlife.org/your-childs-diabetes-is-not-your-fault/

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