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FIASP in my child
November 22, 2020 / Advocacy / Family and diabetes / Technology / Child / Type 1

FIASP in my child

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 I believe that today’s technology with some technical prior knowledge, can provide much more than it provides.  With a lot of effort and study, life with diabetes can be made easier, as evidenced by my previous article on the artificial pancreas.

 Since most experienced “loopers” (those who use one of the versions of the artificial pancreas) use the latest insulin Fiasp and their daily graphs look better than the graphs of some healthy people, we decided to test Fiasp.  Thanks to other bloggers of the portal naInzulinu.com, we received 3 ampoules. 

 The transition from Novorapid to Fiasp was painless.  We did not change any settings in the pump, we only chose the option to use Fiasp in the OpenAPS application settings.


The nights were still great, although I must note that it is not always so.  When we have a problem with the set, no OpenAPS helps.  When the set works, but not very well (bent cannula), OpenAPS can be a double-edged sword because it recognizes insulin deficiency as insulin resistance and the nights are good (temp basals are at 400%), but because of that sugar jumps per day after a meal prohibitive.  Before OpenAPS, we will immediately change the set.  Now, we hold it a little longer until we really see if it’s a bad set.  Fiasp works better than Novorapid because it works faster.  The biggest problem with Fiasp was initially hypoglycemia. Then Fiasp started to act too fast and the following happened after a meal:

 Therefore, we had to take extra amounts of carbohydrates to avoid hypoglycemia.  We solved the problem by further adjusting the settings of the artificial pancreas (reducing the divider in the application), but it took time to adjust everything.

 We are currently back on Novorapid again, but Fiasp has proven to be a better insulin – the spikes are much smaller, the only thing to consider is that it needs some adjustment time.  The dosage itself is similar to Novorapid, the only effect is faster.  If we had a sugar of 18 mmol / L and gave a correction with Fiasp, a rapid drop of as many as 2 arrows would start a maximum of 15 minutes after the injection.  Novorapid, even in my young child, takes much longer.

Hypoglycemia and Fiasp

 It seems to me that hypoglycemia with Fiasp somehow lasts shorter. As if the body, with the ingested glucose, “releases” the action of Fiasp faster and rises from the hypo faster (if Fiasp has a faster action in a shorter period of time, then it would be logical here).


An example of a day with Fiasp.


 We will definitely switch to Fiasp when it is officially available in Croatia.  A lot of experienced “loopers” on Fiasp no longer touch the pump, they just enter the number of carbohydrates and OpenAPS itself bolus Fiasp which works fast enough without the need for manual bolus through the pump.  The closed loop that I read about 2 years ago is much more accessible today, it is much easier for adults to adjust (you can ‘think’ – ed.) Than for me with a 6-year-old child who sometimes eats 160 g of carbohydrates a day.

 Editor’s note: although it is self-evident that this is not important to us, an important note: “artificial pancreas” has not been officially approved by anyone. 

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