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Hungry, thirsty, hungry, thirsty
November 27, 2020 / A dose of optimism / Child

Hungry, thirsty, hungry, thirsty

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 Memories of a Mom – 2.

 We were with all three kids on vacation at the cottage.  A few days earlier, Marko celebrated his 7th birthday with a lot of children, with games prepared for him by his older sisters aged 17 and 20.  I watched him play with other kids all day, run, ride a bike, climb trees and bathe in a pool.  And there, two hundred meters away, in front of an old neglected school, is a grassy field where they play football.  Usually, I have to call at least three times to come to lunch, and on those days he rushes by bike to drink water.  And he drank two or three full glasses and ran back, in half an hour he ran back home, that he was very hungry and thirsty.  Of course, he drinks water or juice again, takes a smeared slice of bread, and rushes back.  Less than half an hour later, he is here again, and other small children from the village are running after him, so they are waiting in line for juice and bread spread with Eurocream (hazelnut spread).

 I think to myself: “Well, it’s no wonder.  It’s 35 degrees, the sun is warming, and they’re playing football.  They sweat, it makes sense that they drink a lot of fluids and are constantly hungry.  Children as children!”

The next day I try and make a full jar of Eurocream, when it’s a ball let it be a ball!  Let the children sweeten up, the store is far away and Eurocream does not grow in the countryside.  In addition to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, something is eaten every hour, or fruit or spread bread or some cake.  And he is constantly hungry, then thirsty, then thirsty.  Incredibly, Marko was never a special eater, especially while he was playing!  Somehow I find it a little weird how he looks getting thinner, his legs thin, so in his face he seems to have weakened, and he eats so well!

I think to myself again: “It is no wonder when he is on the move from morning to night.  And the child is growing, so he’s been on my watch all day, smiling, flushed, sweaty from the heat, nothing to complain about.  He’s only ‘’soooo’’ tired in the evening, he barely brushes his teeth!  And which child likes to brush their teeth? Of course, he is tired and I would be if I was him!”

 When he woke up one morning, Marko came to me and whispered a confused expression on his face:

 “Mom, I peed, why did that happen?”

 It doesn’t matter, I guess you’re too tired so you didn’t wake up, it happens to everyone sometimes!  I know you’re a big and real boy, we won’t tell anyone to be carefree!  You just know, you shouldn’t really drink that much water and milk before bed!  Come on, after 8 o’clock tonight, we won’t drink anymore, OK?”

 Even today, I am hurt by the thought that the next day I did not let him drink before bed, and he says he is thirsty, so thirsty!  So he sneaks out of the crib into the bathroom, thinks I can’t see him, and gets drunk on the tap!

 And of course, the next night and again the next night – the bed wet in the morning, even though I carried him to the bathroom twice during the night to pee.  And that childish look full of remorse when he realizes he’s wet again.  My heart aches when I remember.

 So what is happening for God’s sake?  We never had a problem with that?  Does he have subconscious nightmares because next week he goes to school?  Could he have caught a cold, barefoot running a lot?  Well, it’s not possible, it’s summer and the temperatures are high!  Maybe he got some bacteria?  Well, he doesn’t have a fever and he says that nothing hurts or stings him while he pees. But in two days we will go to Zagreb and we will see. “

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