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HZZO introduces e-Orders for Medical Aids/Supplies!
November 18, 2020 / Technology / Beginner / Child / Pregnant women / Type 1 / Type 2

HZZO introduces e-Orders for Medical Aids/Supplies!

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 The e-Recipes system has been operating successfully in the Republic of Croatia for many years by HZZO (National health insurance fund).  After its introduction in 2011, we quickly forgot about paper prescriptions for medicines.  It is incredibly easy to get used to because it is faster, better, and more efficient.

 What are e-Recipes and e-Remittances or e-Aids and why are they so great?

 You know when you call the doctor of your choice and ask for a prescription for insulin, and she says, “I’ve given you a prescription and now you can go to the pharmacy.”  So far, we have only been able to do this with medicines, and soon we will be able to do that with aids/medical supplies! 

No more waiting in the infirmary because of a stale piece of paper

 No more waiting for healthy people and wasting time in dispensaries due to an outdated piece of paper!

 If your doctor doesn’t like the phone, you will be able to send a request for a new remittance by e-mail, a special web application, and maybe even WhatsApp, mostly in almost the same way as we have “begged” eRecipe so far.

 To be 100% precise – the e-Aids system that will make our lives so much easier has been around for a while, but it’s not fully operational.  Those long and ugly sausages in the upper right corner of your paper remittances, for example, sensors or insulin needles – are actually unique e-remittance identifiers:

An old paper remittance that could soon disappear from the face of the earth


 Why are e-remittances not working yet?

 There are several problems with the full implementation of e-Remittances, and the main one lies in the fact that the current Ordinance on Orthopedic and Other Aids still requires your signature.  Fortunately, many years of practice with e-prescriptions and medicines (which represent a higher degree of risk than Aids) have shown that the signature as we know it today is unnecessary.  In addition, we all know that in practice, remittances are signed by those who arrive anyway, and it happens that the forgetful insured are also signed by the one on the other side of the counter.

 Will HZZO (National insurance fund) really make life so easy for its insured?

Of course they will, at the session of the Governing Board, 30.3.  Amendments to the Ordinance on aids that were necessary in order for the eConfirmation (as they call the eTransfer) – saw the light of day – were adopted!  The full document is available here, the most important is Article 5 of this Ordinance, which reads:

Translation: This Ordinance takes effect on the first day after its publication in “Narodne novine” an it is applied from April 6th 2020.

Welcome to a new time!  We have just made a huge step forward in the digital age!

 Why are e-Remittances so great?

 Chronically, ill patients will benefit the most from e-Remittances / e-Aids because they will no longer have to spend unnecessary time every three months on a dull and unnecessary physical visit to the family doctor.  Also, the pharmacy team will no longer have to keep the paper and then physically deliver it to the HZZO (insurance) for payment.


Numerous indirect savings will be realized by the health system, such as:

  1.  doctors / nurses will no longer spend time printing and physically handing over remittances to policyholders – there will be more time to treat those who really need a doctor,
  2. remittances will be able to create at a time when the waiting room is less crowded, and the waiting rooms themselves will be empty,
  3.  the mixing of chronic patients and those acutely ill in outpatient clinics will be less – thus the possibility of infection will be less,
  4. less money will be spent on toners, paper and printer maintenance,
  5. if you remember any more savingslet us know

 Of course, it is almost certain that not every device will be available via e-Remittance, just as not every drug is available via e-Prescription.  Still, the endless heating of chairs in the waiting rooms of primary care clinics due to lancets, straps, sensors, etc. will deservedly go down in the throes of history!  Not to mention the benefits that the entire population will have at the time of avoiding social contacts due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Plus, don’t expect everything to be perfect right from the start!  There will certainly be children’s diseases, but diseases that doctors, computer scientists and others will soon eliminate.  And then – “The future is now!” 

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