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I can do it!
November 27, 2020 / A dose of optimism / Type 1

I can do it!

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 – Somehow I finally grew up!

 “Well done, daughter!” My mother tells me.
 – I think; it’s about time…
 – It took me too many years to grow up with diabetes… Some 25 years.


 I remember that day. I remember the room in my grandmother’s house. And my dad crying. Well then Dr. Radice, I remember the first injection… “You have to give it yourself…”

 And nothing else…

 Today when I look back, I regret only one thing: I wish i was an adult before!  I would surely have more children other than my beautiful son. Because the first pregnancy was very stressful, full of fears and full of hypoglycemia.  I think my husband and I have aged in those 9 months, and I blame the wrong diet for everything.  In fact, you only remember: “The legs do not develop properly, they gain too little weight”.

You grow old while you look forward to that day!

 And here he is!  He is skinny, but with normal legs!

 Health problems were revealed only later (this is for some other groups :)), but now he is a healthy and happy boy: MY SRČEKOVAC (My Heart)! Who wanted brothers or sisters and I after 9 years regret only one.

 I shouldn’t have been afraid!  I should have been more active!  Talk to other moms with similar experiences! 

 For me, this is one very personal text, which I would never write, but I have a need today to encourage young women.  Maybe you have just discovered diabetes, maybe you have been a person with diabetes for a long time, but maybe you are also afraid.

 Don’t be afraid!  Because we can do anything!

 I wish you all happy and cheerful children!

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