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Klara (6) and Magdalena (7) – our little heroines
November 29, 2020 / Uncategorized

Klara (6) and Magdalena (7) – our little heroines

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 After the last couple of texts written by our heroines, women and girls with diabetes, today we give you a real treat – diabetes from the eyes of the little ones.  This time the main actors are two girls, our heroines, Klara and Magdalena.  Since they are both still young and currently learning to write, they decided to share with us their vision of diabetes through drawings.

 Klara is 6 years old and goes to kindergarten.  Her mom is a great cook and makes phenomenal treats that Klara enjoys every day.  You can also read more about everything at http://typeoneprincess.com/.  Klara got diabetes at the age of only 2, and thanks to the care of her parents and the environment, dear kindergarten teachers, diabetes is not a problem for her.

 Magdalena is 7 years old and since this year she has become a schoolgirl.  This means that we may be able to read her texts for the next World Diabetes Day.  She has had diabetes since she was 5 years old. The Mediterranean climate, daily running and playing with her brother and sister is what makes her a real little heroine.

What makes the drawings of our little heroines special?  In both drawings, we can see the sun and the smiles of our heroines which indicate to us that despite their diabetes they are cheerful and playful children.  In her drawing, Magdalena shows us that despite her age, she knows what the values ​​of good sugar are and that it is then that she feels best.  Sometimes she is a little sad when others around her carelessly eat ice cream and other snacks (this is also a call for tolerance for people without diabetes), but her awareness at such a young age shows that she will grow up to be a young girl and a woman who will be in opportunities to take care of yourself and your health on your own.

Through her drawing full of laughter and joy, Magdalena shows us that diabetes does not play a major role in her life.



With a smile on her face, Klara shows us her Libre sensor and the measured value of sugar on it.  Ok – she may have been a bit confused with the numbers because the glucose value of 1.0 and the down arrow is not something we strive for, but she will start learning numbers from next year when she also goes to school.  Until then, she knows that in order to control her diabetes, in addition to her Libre sensor, she also needs a lancet, a pen and dextrose in case of low sugar.


Klara may not have mastered the numbers yet but, she knows everything she needs to control her diabetes.



Both of our girls are the owners of Libre appliances and sensors that their parents procure for them, and they are struggling not only with costs, but also with the process of procuring sensors, since Libre is still not available in Croatia.  Yesterday we had a text, in which Sandra wrote to us about her pregnancies and diabetes.  Clara and Magdalena will also one day grow up and be in the same situation as Sandra.  Their parents raised them and made every effort to make them independent and self-confident young women who will one day be an example to society as a whole – which we have no doubt about.  And they will one day get pregnant and bring new life to this world.  Life with diabetes is not easy, especially in that most sensitive period of life – pregnancy.  Keeping sugar within strict limits for the whole 9 months is everything, just not easy.  Existing technology allows these women and these girls to have at least some security in that most beautiful period of their lives.  Both of our girls are aware of this: Klara in the costume of the popular Anne from the cartoon Frozen and Magdalena with a beautiful Libre leather bag made exactly to her wishes by the fingers of our dear Nada (you can read more about Nada’s products at http://esperont.eu/)  .

“If you want your children to be good people, spend twice as much time and twice as much money on them.”  – Abigail Van Buren



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