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MiaoMiao 2 – the first test of the new adapter for Libre!
November 24, 2020 / Technology / Child / Pregnant women / Type 1 / Type 2

MiaoMiao 2 – the first test of the new adapter for Libre!

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MiaoMiao is a small battery-powered device that turns your Libre CGMS into a full-blooded rtCGMS with alarms.  It works by sticking or “hooking” to the Libre sensor and then “stealing” Libre’s data on your glucose level via NFC and forwarding it to your mobile phone via Bluetooth.  You can read exactly how it works in this article by Ivica Šuran on the MojLibre.com portal.

 The last MiaoMiao 1 quickly established itself as a higher quality device with greater stability and range than the competition, so it is very interesting to see what the Chinese have come up with for the MiaoMiao 2.

Left: MiaoMiao1, Right: MiaoMiao2

A cursory glance at the image makes it easy to conclude that the mounted MM 2 is more elegant and thinner than the MM 1. The NFC antenna on the MM 2 now completely covers the Libre sensor, which guarantees even more reliable readings.

Tomato APP – official application for MiaoMiao

 MiaoMiao is not officially supported by Abbott, but it has its own official application “Tomato App” which, unlike Abbott’s LibreLink application, can be easily installed in Croatia via Google Play or App Store.


In our testing, the Tomato APP proved to be extremely simple and stable, but on 2-3 occasions it showed significantly different blood glucose levels and the classic Libre CGM reader.  Our results were forwarded for analysis directly to the manufacturer to make the whole story even better.  There is a free version of Tomato that includes the most important things: calibration, alarms, support for smart watches, etc. Premium version that costs $ 5 / month and additionally includes: remote monitoring, NightScout, advanced analysis, online storage space, etc.


 MiaoMiao 2 is now compatible with xDrip!  

 This whole review was waiting for just this functionality.  And yes – MiaoMiao 2 now works neatly with the xDrip + app!  Of course, it is necessary to install the latest, so-called.  night version of xDrip from this address (September 10, 2019) and xDrip needs to be set up according to these simple YouTube instructions.

 How did we test MiaoMiao 2?

 MiaoMiao 2 was worn by Tara in an unsupported place – “above the butt” :), while Abbott “likes” the back of the upper arm the most.  I think you will find her photos more interesting than mine, so here’s what it looks like in real life:

If MiaoMiao reminds you of USS Voyager from Star Trek – you’re not the only one

MiaoMiao 2 test results

 The range of the MM 2 is comparable to the MM 1. The Bluetooth connection proved to be very stable with the tested Xiaomi Mi 9 mobile phone, so the advanced reset button MM 2 did not need to be used at all.  The battery really lasted the declared two weeks of use, which is conveniently compatible with the duration of the Libre sensor.  xDrip proved, as expected, to be reliable and accurate.


 Key Information – MiaoMiao 2:

  1.  one battery charge lasts a minimum of 14 days,
  2.  MM 2 comes with 80 stickers and a USB charging cable,
  3. there is also a special bracelet with which the MM 2 is clamped to the Libre sensor so you can choose between small, for children and large, for adults,
  4. MM 2 is compatible with the most famous applications xDrip, Spike and Glimp,
  5. water resistance according to IP67 standard (up to 30 minutes, maximum 1 m depth),
  6. the hardware reset button is now, very conveniently, on the front,
  7. warranty is one year and weighs 6 grams,
  8. the manufacturer claims that Bluetooth is even more stable than the MM 1, and in the case of the tested Xiaomi Mi 9 mobile phone, the claims proved to be true, and there is more and more evidence on the Internet of exceptional stability,
  9. MM 2 is compatible with both Libre 1 and Libre 2 sensors with Tomato and xDrip application.  It does not yet work with American sensors that last 14 days.



In the box comes: MM 2, charger, stickers and carrying strap!

 Editor note 1: We were the first in Croatia to receive MiaoMiao 2 for testing by their official Slovenian distributor www.miaomiao.eu.  They were one of the sponsors of the Technology Evening held this year in Zagreb and I thank them very much for that.  You can order MM 2 in the Slovenian online store Miaomiao.EU at a price of HRK 1,370 (180€), and when delivered to Croatia you will not have problems with VAT and customs, as well as additional postage because it is included in the price.  You will also be delighted by the information that the expected delivery time from Slovenia to Croatia is only 1-2 days.  

 Editor note 2: This device is not officially supported by Abbott, which manufactured FreeStyle Libre.

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