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OmniPod is coming to Croatia!
November 18, 2020 / Events / Technology / Child / Type 1

OmniPod is coming to Croatia!

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One of the strongest companies in the field of diabetes in Croatia, MEDiLAB, has signed an exclusive agreement with the American company Insulet on representation in the Republic of Croatia!  Of course, they will bring their last, OmniPod Dash, pump without a catheter.

 Main features of OmniPod Dash:

Translation:   Managing pump on a separate device – similar to a phone and on touch screen (such as locked android phone) The capacity of a reservoir is 200 units of insulin T he communication between POD and Monitor is via Bluetooth  Monitor has a wireless network card which allows your data to be sent in a mobile phone, then online where you can send it to your relatives or doctors


 Those with a little longer experience know that MEDiLAB (now called MEDiLAB ONE!)  already has experience with insulin pumps, specifically Medtronic in the past.  Given this and the huge presence of MediLAB in the world of diabetes in Croatia – it is logical to conclude that Insulet has found a great partner in this area!


What kind of insulin pump do you want?

 At the recent technology panel of ZDD (Zagreb Diabetic Society) and the portal naInzulinu.com, a very interesting survey question was asked, to which you answered very intelligently:

The most important thing about my insulin pump is: without a catheter 31%, SAP (pump+sensor) 54%, simple 2%, waterproof 2%, Remote control 6% and discrete 6%.


Yes, 54% of respondents answered that the most important thing for a pump is to have a connected sensor (SAP), but as many as 31% of them answered that the most important thing for them is to have a pump without a catheter!  It is a great encouragement to MEDiLAB to start with this pump and to be ready to welcome the next generation OmniPod Horizon.  Horizon will communicate directly with Dexcom and Abbott sensors and provide us with the holy grail of modern technology and diabetes – a closed loop!

 Closed loop is a system in which the insulin pump reads the glucose level every few minutes and, depending on that, automatically increases or decreases the insulin delivery!

 Who contributed to this?

 Watch the video that was watched by the whole Insulet and MEDiLAB, which certainly contributed to this development and I humbly ask you to turn on the speakers because I chose the music.  

 There is a small but very connected closed group on Facebook, OmniPod Croatia.  It includes people who, at their own expense, finance OmniPod insulin pumps and help and empower new users.  Yes, sometimes they do what they shouldn’t – they literally set up an insulin pump for other users, but who will?  Fortunately, under their pressure, diabetologists also slowly emerged, ready to help their patients with OmniPOD, even though the rules did not allow them to do so.

 MEDiLAB will help these patients first.  They will now be able to provide them with quality local support, as well as their diabetologists who will no longer break the rules by helping their patients with OmniPOD.


 Who will pay for all this?

For a start, you will have to finance this whole system out of your own pocket, but it is clear to everyone that in the long run, without the help of the National Health Insurance (CHIF), this story will not have a happy ending.  Of course we would all like the pump to end up on the A list of CHIF’s aids and that is one very nice goal.  But a consolation prize can also be a B list of aids.  So an above-standard that has recently been theoretically possible, which means that CHIF participates in the costs of the pump, but also we with our own funds.


 If you follow this portal, you know very well that the number of players with insulin pumps is slowly growing in Croatia.  We all know about Medtronic / Mediligo, and Salvus recently appeared with Ypsomed pumps.  We know that Bauerfeind is grinding his teeth with Medtrum A7 +, and now MEDiLAB.  Yes, they are competitors, but they also have a common goal that they share with us patients – the arrival of insulin pumps on the list of CHIF aids.  Let’s not forget the doctors who have recently shown again that they know how to fight for their patients, if you don’t believe me, read the article CHIF: the most advanced technology soon on the A list!  (Thanks to CHIF.)


 I may be imagining it, but as things stand, “the market is getting bigger,” and that can only be good for us.

 Common sense dictates that the patient must be at the center of the system, but no one will give it to us, we have to fight for it.  We are the ones who should have more influence in making strategies, including those on insulin pumps, but we must constantly insist on that.  When one day the insulin pumps end up on the list of aids, the right informed decision on choosing an insulin pump will be made by the patient in consultation with the diabetologist.  Then reality will finally show what matters to whom and how much it is worth.

 P.S.  I also tested the OmniPOD Dash, in a slightly perverse homemade system.  

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