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Smart foams, applications and Libre – why do I like HZZO?
November 16, 2020 / Advocacy / Technology / Beginner / Child / Pregnant women / Type 1 / Type 2

Smart foams, applications and Libre – why do I like HZZO?

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Past posts from the EASD2019 conference have been maximally focused on insulin pumps and I am aware that this is not entirely right.  We know that there are too few pumps in Croatia and we know that the team that hangs around Vuk Vrhovec and Rebro is somehow the easiest to reach them.  And what about the rest of Croatia?  Why are they almost always in a worse position than Zagreb and why the constant “extraction of grease” with pumps?

I listened to you and you are right. Thus, this review is intended exclusively for you – the team that, at best, got hold of Libre.  However, there is discrimination here as well, considering that only diabetologists from “big cities” can write recommendations for sensors.

And now the positives

It is known that we have a real flood of mobile applications in the world, 99% of which are useless.  Even those that initially delight us, we usually stop using them after a short time.  But what if we had one app that knew when and how much insulin you were taking, how much sugar you had, how physically active you were, and based on that gave you highly personalized advice and warnings related to your diabetes control and much more?  Imagine the app is free and the rest (sensors, injector and insulin) is funded by your health insurance anyway.  Utopia?

Let’s go in order

MDI – Multiple Daily Injections

If you want to sound smart and learned, you who are on the “right needle“, in society just say that you are on MDI  and everyone will think that you are wickedly smart and educated.  As things stand, apart from the sensors, a little more modern technology is coming to your door and will be funded by HZZO (National Health insurance Fund) at no extra charge!

Abbott and Novo Nordisk love each other publicly @ EASD2019

 New Nordisk smart NFC foams

 These are digital pens with a huge memory that automatically writes when and how much insulin you take, but that’s not all!  Thanks to technology similar to that in Libretto, data is very easy to transfer to a mobile phone or computer.

 But that’s not all!

 The collaboration of Novo Nordisk and Abbott has been announced at all bells in Barcelona, ​​which means that you will combine your injections and sugar levels in one place and have a complete diary of self-control without the classic human mistakes and hassles!


“Diabetes Influencer Meeting” @EASD2019

What else is good and why would HZZO finance it for us?

Doris and I participated in the Diabetes Influencer meeting organized by the Polish Novo Nordisk in Barcelona.  We played with the new NFC pens and learned everything.  Among other things, the fact that the production of foams is not their primary business in which they earn, which means that new foams should not be expensive.

 If you take a look at the HZZO’s pages on the “Basic List of Aids”, you will find this:

Basic list of HZZO aids

So, as at today, HZZOis financing the old NovoPen Echo which has one memory and no possibility of data transfer.  Since it was heard at all presentations that the price of the “old” and “new” foam will be the same, add two and two.  If someone wickedly doesn’t screw things up (HZZO or Novo Nordisk), the new advanced pen should also be equally available to us as early as next year!

 It is not too much to mention that a box of NovoRapid inserts for HZZO pen costs 232 kn (30€), and disposable foams, which are more inaccurate and do not go to “half a unit”, 269 kn (35€).  So the glass inserts we need for this story are environmentally friendly and cheaper by 37 kn(5€) per box!  (With a little math, it is easy to calculate that HZZO after the cost of the mentioned foam of 179kn (24€), but after 5 boxes of insulin starts to save!)

The good news is that rival Sanofi Aventis also recently paid $ 4.5 million to Biocorp for the further development and integration of the Mallya Bluetooth smart cover for the Sanofi insulin range.  Mallya has received a CE certificate, so I guess they will soon knock on the door of Croatia.


Sanofi and Mallaya Bluetooth extension


 This story isn’t over yet, mobile apps that will receive information about your sugars from CGM and the amount of insulin from smart foams will be incomparably smarter and more useful than they are today.  IOB (Insulin On Board), ISF (Insulin Sensitivity Factor), physical activity detection, injection forgetting, and other smart warnings are just some of the possibilities.

 Soon you will no longer be able to see a diabetologist without a complete and accurate self-monitoring diary – one that will contain all glucose levels 0-24 h and all insulin injections, and such imprecise, inaccurate and incomplete horrors will end up in the throes of history:

Good luck to us!

 In order to learn something from authentic people with diabetes, the real costs of participating in the Diabetes influencer meeting were covered by the organizer – the Polish representative office of Novo Nordisk.

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