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Ema and the artificial pancreas (part II)

This is a story about how an insulin pump, a sensor that constantly measures blood sugar values, an Intel Edison minicomputer with a Linux operating system and free programs written by patients themselves.

Ivica Suran
17 min read
Food Plays A Key Role In Proper Nutrition

 I always thought a lot about diet and watched what I ate. In the last 2 years, I have been intensively researching how to feed the whole family. I had to change something to heal myself and to regulate my child’s glycemia more easily.

Mirta Kujundzic
21 min read
Misconceptions That Accompany The Low Carb Diet

LCHF - yes or no?  What are the advantages and what are the disadvantages?  Does it bring long-term good or bad?  Can such a diet be applied by all or only by some? 

Maja Vukovic
40 min read
From a girl with diabetes to the mother of a child with diabetes

Tara's story about her life with diabetes from an early age, her feelings, how they changed over the years and how they impacted on the relationship with her family.

Tara Gamulin
12 min read
A child with diabetes is different

My child has diabetes and that makes her different from others.  Her pancreas does not produce insulin, so we have to ingest it through a pen or pump.  We need to control and maintain a stable blood sugar level instead of her brain.

Mirta Kujundzic
20 min read
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