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Memories of a Mom - 4. Events leading to a mother's findings that her child has diabetes.

Ivana Kukec
16 min read
The first home-made artificial pancreas – in Croatia!

 How do I write what an OpenAPS system is without being “too technical”?  Hard, but I'll try.  To begin with, I will quote the OpenAPS documentation: "Any person choosing to use these tools is solely responsible for testing and implementing these tools independently or together as a system."

Ivica Suran
24 min read
A fateful day

Today, my big nineteen-year-old son went to the sea with his girlfriend on a huge motorbike. I didn't say anything, I just waved with a smile "Goodluck!", Which doesn't mean that the already scratched plate isn't spinning through my head for the million and first time...

Ivana Kukec
8 min read
Parental burnout with diabetic child

Every parent of a child with diabetes knows well what constant care means - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, day and night for their child's blood sugar level. We constantly take care of our children and do our best for their best blood sugar levels...

Ksenija Kolman Goreta
14 min read
A child with diabetes is different

My child has diabetes and that makes her different from others.  Her pancreas does not produce insulin, so we have to ingest it through a pen or pump.  We need to control and maintain a stable blood sugar level instead of her brain.

Mirta Kujundzic
20 min read
#You are