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The first 1000 DiaHelpers and the expansion into Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia
August 27, 2021 / Events / Beginner / Child / Type 1 / Type 2

The first 1000 DiaHelpers and the expansion into Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia

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A net of DiaHelpers spread across Croatia in one month. We have just crossed our thousandth DiaHelper! It is time for celebration and for spreading good experiences to our next-door neighbours.

 DiaHelp is now available in Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia!

 The best part of it all is that the app is still free because we want all the diabetics in the region to connect and to use the advantages of DiaHelp. At least we know that beneath the surface we are all the same and that DiaHelp will be of assistance to someone in each region.

With a larger number of users the whole concept is beginning to mean more, which facilitates the purpose of our app which is to achieve mutual support of people with diabetes. Who will, if not us, come to the aid of one another? And there are plenty of us!

Currently, 1000 DiaHelpers are registered in Croatia by now and over 60 distress calls have been recorded. The number represents the first thousand diabetics who share our vision and who believe that the concept makes sense. Some of them feel good when they have an opportunity to help someone, others are glad that there is a network of diabetics out there willing to help in uncomfortable situations. Some of us see the potential in a large community which shares the same interests. The sky’s the limit for that type of a union, concerning the potential towards the institutions, companies and the society in which we live in.


Not everyone liked the concept of DiaHelp right away from the start. Some people are afraid that their privacy has been disturbed (but it is not), while others feel they may find themselves in an awkward position if they try to help someone. Some are simply distrustful towards anything new, also there are some who fear someone will exploit personal data of the diabetics and make money out of it. In the end, it is OK to be suspicious at first and to check the influence of a project this large. As far as we’re concerned, we have made the maximum effort in trying to make our project reliable, trustworthy and safe for all people in the world of diabetes but we are aware that there is still some uncertainty going on. Some of the security aspects are explained in the text  Can the DiaHelp app undermine the privacy and security of the users?Besides, we are prepared to make improvements on the app to accordance with the wishes of our DiaHelpers. We already have certain ideas which we will expand over time.

The DiaHelp app is unique in the world. And we, as its creators, are quite a unique combination. As diabetics, we imagined that an app like that would come in hand, and the IT and managerial experience enabled us to make our dream a reality. When the app was released, it came to life and we are yet to discover the scope of DiaHelp and the DiaHelpers.

In these first months we were amazed by all your great experiences with the app. Those statements were an indicator which showed us we were on the right track. Mia was the first one to contact us via Whatsapp. She said she was on a holiday without any sensor. She was afraid the DiaHelp won’t help her either because she knew that the whole network of diabetics is not yet fully developed. Luckily, one mother and her daughter were also in Dubrovnik, in the right time and place. You can read all about her experience here https://diahelp.net/hr/hrvatska-aplikacija-spasila-ljetovanje/

With Ema the situation was different. It is easy to assume how a combination involving the sea and active children can end. Ema’s story about a drowned miao-miao device has been published by all the most widely read Croatian newspaper https://www.24sata.hr/news/ekipa-iz-hrvatske-lansirala-je-aplikaciju-dijabeticari-se-mogu-povezati-i-pomoci-ako -treba-778897

Slavonia is well-known for its big wedding ceremonies during which the guests dance and sometimes, rip a few insulin pump catheters. One Zagreb resident saw the hospitality of Slavonians first-hand, as well as their willingness to help. Oddly, although the network is the thickest in bigger cities, a DiaHelper can be found even in small places. Because they know that they might be the only ones in a radius of a couple of kilometres, if a call from another DiaHelper happens, which is less likely, they will try even harder. Read about the experience of one selfless person from a smaller environment like that on the link https://www.nainzulinu.com/advocacy/diahelp/

I don’t know about you, but we are proud of the fact that the DiaHelp app came to life in all its glory and of the fact that the community of diabetics came through in practice. We live in challenging times but for us diabetics, it has always been challenging. That is why we keep trying, overcoming difficulties and supporting each other. We are looking forward to seeing how the DiaHelp app will be received in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia. Access to the application is open on Google Play and App Store for the diabetics from these countries. Invite all your diabetic friends to become DiaHelpers, send us your impressions, experience and thoughts, in order for the network of DiaHelpers to become even bigger and greater.

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