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The latest and best Medtronic pump 780G is on its way to Europe!
November 18, 2020 / Technology / Child / Pregnant women / Type 1

The latest and best Medtronic pump 780G is on its way to Europe!

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If you followed this portal at all, you may have learned that the key precondition for a medical product to become available in the EU and thus in Croatia is obtaining a CE certificate (Wikipedia).  If you have that, the doors of Europe are wide open to you.

Dear readers – the big news is that Medtronic got an CE certificate for 780G insulin pump!

What has that got to do with us?

 I understand the question as well as the disappointment behind it.  The fact is that Croatia is almost at the bottom of the European Union with pumps, in our country 640G barely breaks through and we never got 670G.

Let’s go in order

 If you ask Maja Vukovic, our blogger from Germany, she will say it is better than the 670G never came to Croatia.

 At the last ATTD conference in Madrid, I had the honor of participating in a special closed blogging event organized by Medtronic – # TogetherAs1.  There, they assured me that Medtronic’s policy towards Croatia (and many other countries) is changing and that we will not wait so long for new products.  Moreover, it is quite realistic to expect the arrival of the 780G pump in Croatia in the first half of next year!

From a business perspective, it is also logical to expect a faster arrival of this pump because in Croatia, age discrimination for exercising the right to compatible Enlite sensors has recently been abolished, thanks to CHIF.  If we know that state-of-the-art pumps don’t make sense without compatible sensors, and the sensors are now easier to get – things are slowly falling into place and we have reason to be optimistic.


Why is the new Medtronic 780G insulin pump so great?!

  1. With the help of sensors, they will iron high and low sugars!  Much better than the 670G!
  2. Dramatically, it increased the ability to define target sugars: 5.2; 6.0; 6.7 and 8.3 mmol / l.  Advanced users will be delighted because the impossibility of such an adjustment is one of the biggest drawbacks of the last 670G, and partly the 640G pump.
  3. A one-time manual definition of basal doses will still need to be done, but it won’t be that important because everything will work algorithm!
  4. With this pump, an average of 80% of the time within the target limits (Time In Range –TIR) is expected!  We are waiting for studies.
  5. Through the built-in Bluetooth, all data will be sent to the application on the mobile phone and then to the Internet for parents and diabetologists.  You can put the pump in your bra and just watch on your cell phone how the algorithm irons the sugars.
  6. Unfortunately, blood calibration will still need to be done twice a day, but you will most likely be extremely satisfied with the accuracy.
  7. In about a year, we expect the release of a new generation of CGM Guardian sensor 4 that will no longer require daily blood calibration.
  8. You will also be able to perform blood calibration wirelessly with Roche’s latest Accu-Chek Guide.  You will get it with a pump, as well as a few strips, and it is to be expected that Roche will put it on the CHIF’s list as well.

Roche Accu-Chek Guide – a handy device with the original packaging of wireless blood calibration strips.

The new, 780G system contains the most advanced SmartGuardTM technology which automates the delivery of basal rates and correction boluses every 5 minutes. A new concept of automatic boluses enables early and safe deliveries of insulin without patient intervention and in that way, decreasing the burden of diabetes.



 If we are going to be punctilious, in the whole world at the moment only Tandem has a pump that can iron high and low sugars.  But Medtronic was the first with the 670G and now it comes with the second, better, and more mature generation – the 780G.  The price will certainly not be low, but you learned about it as early as possible so you can see if you can save somewhere and/or what to sell. If nothing else, it will most likely be possible to buy the pump in installments and get it tested before you buy.  In addition, there is a B list of aids at HZZO (National Health insurance) – so maybe somehow at an additional cost….

 Lastly, check out this amazing video with the speakers included!  Repeat and stop wherever you go because there is a huge amount of incredibly high-quality information about the new pump with a great visual impression:

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