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There is a special charm in enjoying the fruits of your labor from your own garden and orchard
August 30, 2021 / Uncategorized / Type 2

There is a special charm in enjoying the fruits of your labor from your own garden and orchard

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It was difficult to walk away from a barbecue, a cake, a glass of wine or beer at a birthday party but the sensor registered and remembered each exception. How could I forget! It was a reprimand I told myself in two cases during the month of May because, in a rush to get to work, I forgot to bring my sensor reader with me. I left it at my work desk.

I didn’t come back home because that would disrupt my whole planned work schedule so I wasn’t able to control the glucose level in my usual paste which became like a habit since I started to rely on modern technology for a part of the day. At that moment I thought about getting another reader but I decided to pay more attention to preparations before leaving to work and I decided to check if the reader is in my bag.

This is just a proof of how, since the beginning of February this year and since I started using the sensor and the reader, I have „got together“ with the gadget which helps me control my glucose level. Besides that fortunate and rare forgetfulness, there were a few situations in which I didn’t often check my glucose level because of field work and business trips. Something I would miss during the day, I would make up for it in the evenings during which I would read the values a couple of times in one hour.

The longest period in which I didn’t check my glucose level was between deactivating my old and activating my new sensor which wasn’t longer than 12 hours.

A change of therapy, alteration of dietary habits and being aware of the food which has a bad effect on my health and of the reason why I should avoid it has already given results and my glucose level is lower than ever before.

Yet, I am at the beginning of a long road, on which I am faced with plenty of challenges and a lot of temptations which can be arranged on a table during a birthday celebration, family meetings and similar occasions.

I admit, in situations in which any of my colleagues or me decided to treat everyone with food and drink, it was difficult to turn my head and not reach for the grill or for chocolate cake or to refuse a mix of fresh fruit, a glass of wine or beer. Of course, after such food consumption in a short period of time the glucose level curve would suddenly increase.

And, while the previously measured glucose level would pass 15 g/mmol or higher, since I have been using the sensor and the reader no access to non-compliance with diabetic diets has been „punished“ with more than 13,8 g/mmol per measurement after an abundant and, slightly put, an inappropriate meal.

Did I feel bad about it? Sometimes yes but I find comfort in the fact that there were plenty more situations like these in the past and that they are now an exception because I became aware of the importance of regular check-ups of my glucose level several times a day and of obeying doctor’s orders.

I recently watched with anxiety how the body would react to a scoop of ice cream but the sensor didn’t show any dramatic level of glucose – it was under 7 g/mmol. I wonder if hiking followed by a cold treat had any effect on that sort of reaction?

Fear and possible consequences of living a messy life, having an irregular diet and being non-compliant to doctor’s advice concern me even more now and I think about them a whole lot more. Is that good? I think it is, because I am questioning my dietary mistakes and deviations from recommended glucose level values. It comforts me that, despite occasional deviations from the rules laid down, glucose levels are getting better and better and I believe that in time they will improve even more.

Control measurement by lace, which I typically conduct while hungry, shows the glucose level in green colour with the values marked as good in 85 percent of measurements. Even though the weather in May was not favorable for us, I increased the intensity of physical activities as I had planned. Two canopy tops, yards… It’s not about physically demanding work but a few hours of hanging out with a mower and the trimmer during the day has spent the calories.

I even made myself go on long hikes and bicycle routes – half an hour to hour  of walking and riding a bicycle. I am gonna keep raising the level of such activities during June, regardless of Euro and football games. Lamb’s lettuce, salad and green onion from our own breeding are already on the menu, and soon they will be joined by other homegrown vegetables such as pea, french beans, tomato, pepper, cabbage, bean, zucchini, hokkaido pumpkin, carrot and parsley. There is a special charm in enjoying the fruits of your labor from your own garden and orchard. Homegrown strawberries are still in bloom, and this year I will eat red currants from the orchard for the first time.

I will soon find out, with help of the sensor and the reader, how much this food, except for being healthy, truly helps in maintaining a stable blood glucose level.

 Dušan Miljuš

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