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Diabetes is for the elderly, isn’t it?

Memories of a mum, part 3.  On the last day of the vacation we went to the grandmother in the village.  We arrived in the evening and were supposed to sleep there.

Ivana Kukec
9 min read
FIASP in my child

 I believe that today’s technology with some technical prior knowledge, can provide much more than it provides.  With a lot of effort and study, life with diabetes can be made easier, as evidenced by my previous article on the artificial pancreas.

Ivica Suran
9 min read
First day of school

A mom recalls her son's first day of school as if it was yesterday... All the feelings she felt, her son felt and how with the help of teachers everything was done successfully.

Ivana Kukec
15 min read
From a girl with diabetes to the mother of a child with diabetes

Tara's story about her life with diabetes from an early age, her feelings, how they changed over the years and how they impacted on the relationship with her family.

Tara Gamulin
12 min read
From diagnosis to purple holster

I remember quite well - it was June 2009 when, due to frequent thirst and mood swings, we decided to take our then four-year-old daughter to the doctor on suspicion of diabetes...

Siniša Mareković
18 min read
#You are